PPC Blog: Should Your B2B Business Give Up on the Google Search Network?

Let me say it up front: The Google Search Network may not be a good fit for all B2B businesses.

But before you and your marketing team give up on the Search Network entirely, there are some things you should explore first.

For starters, we sometimes find that failing B2B Search Network campaigns can be turned around with some simple adjustments—adjustments that seem obvious in retrospect but are easy to miss when you and your team are knee deep in the account.

Then, you have to consider exactly how expensive is “too expensive” when it comes to bidding on sought-after keywords.

And if you’re still not getting good results, then it might be time to consider some alternative approaches.

In my recent column in Search Engine Land, I expand on these ideas to prevent you and your marketing team from giving up too early on the Google Search Network.

Google Search Network

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