PPC Blog: Three PPC Scare Tactics to Send You Running for the Hills

If you’re like most business owners or marketing managers, your email inbox is overflowing with unsolicited offers.

And among the deals on pseudo-designer handbags and long lost “relatives” wanting to will you their fortune (upon receipt of a small deposit), you may have also received unsolicited emails from PPC agencies.

While some of these emails may be professional and legitimate, others rely on fear-based tactics to win your business. And that’s not only problematic, it’s also unethical.

So what should you look for in these unsolicited emails (and occasional phone calls) to separate PPC scam artists from professionals you can trust?

In Pauline Jakober’s recent article in Search Engine Land, she details three tactics less-than-professional PPC agencies use to foster doubt and fear in unsuspecting business owners and marketing managers—tactics that should send you running for the hills.

PPC scare tactics

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Our clients have been extremely pleased with Pauline’s professionalism and knowledge of the latest search marketing trends. But more importantly, they have been amazed at how she is able to take lackluster PPC campaigns and breathe new life into them.

Pauline explains exactly what she’s doing throughout every step of the process, and is readily available for any questions or concerns that might crop up.

Pauline ultimately provides our clients with more targeted website visitors at a lower cost per lead which creates a positive return on their investment.”

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