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Small AdWords Account Optimizations That Can Add Up

For many of us, summer is almost over (sigh.). You and your marketing team may already be looking ahead to a busy fall PPC season (especially if your business is in B2C).

But summer isn’t done yet. Don’t let the few remaining days and weeks go by without using the time to make a few adjustments to your AdWords account.

In my recent Search Engine Land column, I pointed out three ways to optimize your AdWords account this summer to get better results in the fall and the following year.

In isolation, none of these small changes will rocket your campaign performance forward. But together, they can add up to significant improvements.

AdWords account

Why You Should Use AdWords Labels in Your PPC Account

As a PPC agency, we’re accustomed to working with all kinds clients, from small family owned businesses to much, much larger international businesses. The biggest challenge for us, and for any PPC agency, is keeping on top of the very largest of these accounts. Some of them run hundreds of campaigns and, if you don’t know what you’re doing, these accounts can quickly get away from you.

In a recent blog post, I talked about some of the tools and strategies we use to manage these “monster” PPC accounts.

Only after that post went live did I realize I’d left out one of the most effective tools we use for keeping big accounts under control.

And that tool is AdWords labels.

AdWords labels

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Our PPC Wish List for 2017

Last year, as 2015 drew to a close, we posted a wish list for Google. And this year, we’ve decided to continue the practice—not because we got everything we wished for, but because we’ve compiled a whole new list of wishes!

Before we start, let me state—for the record—that we know we have it pretty good with Google. We’re the first to say AdWords is a solid tool. And the good folks at Google are usually pretty responsive to our inquiries.

But at the same time, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.

PPC wish list

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PPC Functions and Tools For Which We Give Thanks

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to pause and reflect on the many things for which we PPC pros are grateful.

Because while we sometimes long for new product features or complain about annoying trends, the truth is we PPCers have a lot to be grateful for—especially when it comes to PPC account management.

Therefore, in the spirit of gratitude, the team at Group Twenty Seven has compiled a list of the many PPC-related things for which we give thanks.

PPC functions and tools

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When It Comes to PPC, The Devil is in the (Case Sensitive) Details

Sometimes, PPC pros need to have a dual personality. Not dual like Jekyll and Hyde, but dual as in the ability to see the big picture while also attending to the tiniest details.

This is especially true when working with AdWords and Google Analytics.

We were reminded of this recently when a small deviation in destination goal setup in Analytics threw our data off in a big way.

Our Client’s Google Analytics Goal Setup

We have a long-time client for whom we’ve set up goals in Google Analytics. These goals allow us to monitor traffic from the client’s multiple landing pages through to its single thank you page.

Then a few weeks ago, the client set up a second thank you page. This required me to set up a new goal in Google Analytics to monitor to the new page, which I did.

Simple, right?


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The AdWords Error PPC Pros Need to Know About

One of the great things about working for a PPC agency is that you get to learn from, and share your expertise with, other likeminded PPC pros.

(And let’s face it, lengthy discussions of AdWords and PPC strategy doesn’t make for scintillating dinner party conversation. Thank goodness we have each other!)

And because all of us on the Group Twenty Seven team have our heads deep in paid search all the time, we sometimes uncover things in house marketing teams miss.

(And—in this case—something the engineers at Google AdWords missed!).

AdWords error

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Test Your Knowledge With Our AdWords Extensions Quiz

How well do you know AdWords extensions?

Not that long ago, that would have been a rather silly question. With only a few AdWords extensions to choose from, there wasn’t all that much to know.

But over the last few years, things have changed drastically. Today, AdWords gives PPC pros all kinds of extensions to choose from, making a deep understanding of them harder to achieve.

So just how comprehensive is your knowledge?

Find out today by taking Pauline Jakober’s AdWords extensions quiz—recently featured in Search Engine Land!

Work through these 20 online questions, and you’ll come away knowing if you’re an AdWords newbie or ultimate super user. (And you might even learn another thing or two in the process!)

adwords extensions

When Smart Goals Aren’t Smart at All

In December of last year, Google rolled out Smart Goals to AdWords users. The company promoted the feature as a way for businesses to forgo the painstaking process of setting up conversion tracking by using conversion data collected from other businesses instead.

But this “easy-to-use” solution begs a big question: Would the actual data (if conversion tracking was in place) bear any resemblance to this aggregated data?

Truth is, advertisers have no way of knowing. And that seems more than a little risky.

In her latest column in Search Engine Watch, Pauline Jakober takes a closer look at the issues surrounding Smart Goals and speculates at what might lie behind this latest Google offering.

Smart Goals

The GDN Update You Shouldn’t Overlook

Google is continually updating its products, which (generally) is a good thing. But sometimes the updates happen so frequently, it’s easy to overlook them—especially if it’s an update to a product or service you don’t use often or aren’t particularly enamored with.

This happened to my team and I recently. Google announced an update to the Google Display Network (GDN) in August, and its significance initially escaped us. Only when we started playing with the update, and dug a little deeper, did we fully “get” the implications.

GDN update

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Sweating the Details With Dynamic Structured Snippets

As PPC marketers, we’re detail orientated. It’s mandatory. (Try to find a job posting for a PPC marketer that doesn’t say applicants must be “detail orientated.” You won’t find one.)

After all, in our line of work, details matter. Often, it’s in the nitty gritty (the stuff that’s easy to overlook or ignore) that we find new ways to maximize ROI.

(To friends and families who must live with our extreme attention to detail: we apologize. To clients: you’re welcome.)

Not surprisingly, then, we’re very, very picky about what we put in our PPC ads. We write and rewrite our ad copy. We analyze, we ponder, we argue. Once ads go live, we monitor, adjust and then adjust again.

Consequently, we had some concerns about the automatically generated text that comes with AdWords dynamic structured snippets. And from what we’ve seen so far, the results have been mixed. Learn more about our experience with dynamic structured snippets in Pauline Jakober’s latest Search Engine Watch article.

P.S. It looks like AdWords isn’t yet done with structured snippets. It recently announced it will be rolling out a new variation of snippets, called structured snippet extensions. Stay tuned for more on this topic!

Dynamic structured snippets

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