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3 Embarrassing PPC Text Ad Mistakes—And How to Prevent Them

We’ve all been there. You’re doing some testing and you come across an error in your live PPC text ad. Maybe it has a typo. Maybe one of the ad extensions is out of date. Or maybe the extensions don’t fit with the headline and body.


Fortunately, you can take steps to minimize the chance of these embarrassing errors occurring. And thank goodness! Because few other aspects of your business are as visible to the world as text ads.

PPC text ad mistake

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How to Deal With an Unexpected “Gift” of PPC Responsibility

If you’ve ever exchanged gifts for Christmas, birthdays or any other special occasion, you’ll know the sinking feeling of receiving a present you’re not entirely sure you want.

Which is also how you might feel if PPC responsibility has been “gifted” to you in addition to your other marketing activities.

Even if you’ve been pestering your marketing manager for months to add pay-per-click advertising to your company’s marketing mix, having the responsibility land in your lap might not be quite what you had in mind.

Nevertheless, there’s no need to despair! Rather than thinking of ways to politely decline the gift (or, more likely, trying to re-gift it to a colleague), you’re better off doing what you can to get up to speed with PPC as quickly as possible.

To find out how, take a look at my column 3 Ways In-House Do-It-Yourselfers Can Prepare for PPC Management, as recently featured in Search Engine Land.

PPC responsibility

The Importance of PPC Account Structure: A Real World Example

In our series on getting started with a PPC agency, we’ve talked a number of times about the vital importance of PPC account structure.

We’ve discussed how poor account structure is a red flag for other possible account problems. And how good account structure is critical for analysis, optimization, budgeting and quality score.

But sometimes, nothing makes the point as vividly as a real world example.

Pauline Jakober does exactly that in her latest column in Search Engine Land. In it, she gives readers an inside look at a PPC account we recently took over.

The previous account management team had structured the account around personas. And while that’s not a bad strategy necessarily, in this case it diluted keywords and made conversion path performance something of a crapshoot.

Find out what happened when we ditched the persona structure and reorganized the client’s PPC account around moneymaking keywords. (Hint: It’s a happy ending!)

PPC account structure

Our List of How We Failed in B2B PPC in 2015

It’s that time of year again! A time when you can’t open a news app or social media account without getting hit with an end-of-year top 10 list. “The top 10 movies of 2015!” “The top 10 fiction books!” “The top 10 grey tabby cat videos!”

At Group Twenty Seven, we mark the end of the year with a different kind of list: The top three ways we failed in B2B PPC 2015. (We tried to compile a top 10 list but ran out of examples. Ha!)

It’s not that we ENJOY telling everyone where we came up short this year. (Nope. It doesn’t feel good!)

But at the same time, we recognize that in the world of PPC, nobody gets it right 100 percent of the time. So by sharing how we failed, we hope to improve everyone’s odds of getting it right next time.

To find how where we stumbled in B2B PPC last year, check out Pauline Jakober’s latest article in Search Engine Watch.

B2B PPC 2015

Does PPC Have a Role to Play in Crisis Management?

When news hit of the recent VW emissions scandal, you can be sure that the company’s crisis management teams (both globally and in the U.S.) considered every possible means to respond to the backlash—including its PPC accounts.

Yet smaller businesses (that don’t have experienced crisis management teams in house or on call) tend to overlook the role that PPC can play when things go bad. Which is unfortunate, because when the news cycle and social media is dominated by bad news about YOUR business, PPC is a great way to get your message to the top of search pages and directly to your audience.

In her latest article in Search Engine Watch, Pauline Jakober walks through four things you should consider when using PPC to combat PR and ORM issues.

PPC crisis management

Fables Are for Children, Not PPC Campaigns

Just because you’ve heard them doesn’t mean they’re true:

“PPC will save us!”

“Google knows best.”

“All you have to do is set up your PPC account, then wait for the magic to happen!”

You should put those tall tales in the same category as, “I’m not a frog. I’m a real prince!”

If you’re running online advertising campaigns for your B2B business, don’t be fooled by common PPC fables and myths. For a rundown of what to watch out for, check out my latest PPC column at Search Engine Watch.

ppc campaign

Why Should I Do PPC?

“Why should I do PPC?” It’s a question many businesses have wondered at one time or another. If you’ve never pursued online advertising in the form of PPC, also called pay per click and paid search, you might not know why you should choose it at all, and what makes it better or different than other forms of marketing online, for example, search engine optimization (SEO) or social media marketing (SMM).

You’re not alone. There are many businesses that haven’t yet pursued PPC because they don’t understand the benefits or the risks.

Simply put: PPC is another way for more Web users to find your website when they perform a search within search engines like Google or Bing. What’s great is that any business can start at any time and have great success with PPC if it’s set up and managed efficiently.

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