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8 Dos & Don’ts for Your PPC Landing Page

PPC landing pages are something that many businesses struggle with.

While landing pages seem simple enough in theory, they often become less-than-ideal in practice.

One reason for this disconnect between intention and practice is that many different departments can get involved in landing page development — each with its own agenda.

Maybe product development wants to use the landing page to promote its cool new device.

Customer service wants to use the landing page to show off its beefy warranty plan.

IT wants to use its usual web template.

And legal wants to make sure that the company’s policies are front and center.

The list goes on and on.

8 Dos & Don’ts for Your PPC Landing Page

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How Targeted Do You Need to Make Your PPC Landing Pages?

Most PPC pros recognize the importance of landing pages in their post-click paid search strategy. But the question still arises about how targeted these pages need to be.

When is the time and effort of creating dozens — or even hundreds — of ultra-targeted landing pages worth the trouble and expense?

Admittedly, the answer will differ for every AdWords campaign.

But recently, we walked this path with a client in a big way, and we discovered that sometimes the trouble and expense of creating ultra-targeted landing pages is more than justified.

In this article, I’m going to present our findings to you as a mini-case study. And our experience may encourage you to create landing pages that are much more targeted than ever before.

Landing pages targeting

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How Accurate is Your PPC Conversion Tracking Data?

Conversion tracking is one of the hardest things to implement correctly in PPC management. Why? Mostly because it involves so many complex variables.

After all, every business is unique, and every business wants to track different things. Add to the mix different CMS systems and client development teams, and it’s not hard to see how conversion tracking can trip up both PPC pros and in house marketing teams.

Which is a problem. Because when things do go astray in PPC conversation tracking, you end up with inaccurate data. And when you rely on this data to make decisions about PPC strategy and tactics, the ramifications can be huge.

That’s why we’re big proponents of catching conversion tracking issues early through PPC tracking audits. In her recent column in Search Engine Watch, Pauline Jakober describes a seven step B2B AdWords conversion tracking audit her team uses to spot problems early—and maintain the integrity of client data.

PPC conversion tracking audit

Getting Started With a PPC Agency Part 9: PPC Landing Pages

In our last post in this series on onboarding new PPC clients, we covered the topic of the GDN.

Today, we continue our discussion with a look at PPC landing pages.

If I had to point to one area that can blow up a PPC campaign (and not in a good way), I’d have to say landing pages (and post-click activities generally).

PPC landing pages bomb

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Three B2B PPC Landing Pages That Break the Rules

It’s that time of year again! When thoughts turn to seasonal baking (and eating!) and gingerbread, rugelach and other treats scent the air.

And one of the essential tools of baking is the cookie cutter. Cookie cutters speed up the cookie-making process and help ensure consistent results—so your gingerbread people look like people, not dolphins.

Alas, you can’t take a “cookie cutter approach” to every process—as our experience with three B2B PPC landing pages illustrates.

In a recent article in Search Engine Watch, Pauline Jakober walks through three B2B landing pages that break commonly accepted rules for landing page design. And these three pages demonstrate that, when it comes to B2B PPC, you have to leave your cookie cutters in the drawer.

B2B PPC Landing Pages

How One Simple Change Increased Our Client’s B2B PPC Leads by 637%

In any PPC campaign, you can spend hours tinkering with ad copy, modifying offers and adjusting keywords. And yes, as PPC consultants, we make these kinds of refinements—and sometimes they produce real performance improvements.

But recently, one of our clients made ONE simple change that improved PPC leads by a WHOPPING 637 percent—and we even have the data to prove it!

What was this magical, innovative change, you ask? Quite simply, landing pages.

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