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Your PPC Manager Resolution for 2017: Stay Organized!

Being a successful PPC manager takes a lot of skill and knowledge. Not only do you need to be well versed in marketing, you also have to be an expert in the finer details of search marketing, including the many complexities of AdWords.

But there’s another skill PPC managers must have that’s often under appreciated: organizational skills.

Because even if you’ve memorized an entire bookcase of marketing texts and can set up AdWords campaigns in your sleep, if you can’t back those up with excellent organization and planning, then implementing what you know is going to be a major challenge.

So as we dive into 2017, make your it New Year’s resolution to stay organized!

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End-of-Year PPC Surprises, Proposals and Omissions

Over all the years I’ve been running my PPC agency, I’ve noticed something about this time of year: weird things come up.

And by weird I mean (1) good/bad surprises, (2) indecent proposals and (3) blinding omissions.

How clients choose to deal with these surprises, proposals and omissions can have a huge influence over how they’ll finish the year, and how strongly they’ll start the next one.

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Three PPC Scare Tactics to Send You Running for the Hills

If you’re like most business owners or marketing managers, your email inbox is overflowing with unsolicited offers.

And among the deals on pseudo-designer handbags and long lost “relatives” wanting to will you their fortune (upon receipt of a small deposit), you may have also received unsolicited emails from PPC agencies.

While some of these emails may be professional and legitimate, others rely on fear-based tactics to win your business. And that’s not only problematic, it’s also unethical.

So what should you look for in these unsolicited emails (and occasional phone calls) to separate PPC scam artists from professionals you can trust?

In Pauline Jakober’s recent article in Search Engine Land, she details three tactics less-than-professional PPC agencies use to foster doubt and fear in unsuspecting business owners and marketing managers—tactics that should send you running for the hills.

PPC scare tactics

What to Do When a Partner Advertises Your Brand Name

Recently, a client called us and pointed out, with some dismay, that a partner was using the client’s branded product name in its PPC advertising.

Understandably, our client wanted to know—is the partner allowed to do that?

And the answer (as it often is in PPC) is this: it depends.

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Why Your PPC Remarketing Campaigns Need Some TLC

When done well, PPC remarketing can be incredibly effective. (If you’re new to the concept, take a look at the AdWords help file.) Essentially, remarketing campaigns allow us to serve up ads to people who’ve previously visited your website, which makes the campaigns extremely targeted.

Consequently, we often include remarketing as a tactic in most PPC client campaigns from the get-go.

But once the initial excitement of campaign launch starts to fade, remarketing sometimes takes a backseat to other tactics. It chugs along quietly in the background, with little fuss.

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Why Do-It-Yourself PPC Might Be a Bad Idea

We get it. A penny saved is a penny earned—especially when it comes to your business. So if you can save money by doing PPC in house (rather than hiring an outside PPC agency), then why not?

But here’s the thing: Whether you’re a business owner with a penchant for marketing, or an experienced executive with a solid marketing team, it’s not easy to do PPC well.

Over the years, we’ve picked up many accounts from PPC do-it-yourselfers and have identified three mistakes DIYers commonly make. (To find out what they are (and how to avoid them), check out Pauline Jakober’s article on common PPC mistakes in Search Engine Land.)

In fact, doing PPC yourself (or assigning it to your already-stretched marketing team) can end up costing you more money—sometimes a lot more—than you’ll ever save.

But you’ll never know what you’re missing unless you give professional PPC management a try.

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How to Get the Most From a Modest PPC Budget

Not every client has a huge PPC budget. Granted, once we’ve proven the value of PPC to our clients, budgets tend to increase. (Some clients even give us unlimited budgets, as long as we meet specific revenue-spend ratios.)

But usually, it takes time gain this trust.

In the meantime, we have to find creative ways to work with budgets that may only allow for one or two clicks a day in a competitive market.

And to do that, we have eight different strategies we use, ranging from implementing tighter controls to utilizing off-the-beaten-path tactics.

To find out what these strategies are specifically, take a look at Pauline Jakober’s article on working with a modest PPC budget in Search Engine Watch.

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Stay on Top of Your PPC Accounts With This Easy Tip

Most of us have settled on a morning routine. Whether it’s a shower and a cup of coffee, or a run around the park and a bowl of cereal, we know what we need to do to start the day off right.

The same concept applies to PPC management. At Group Twenty Seven, we have a morning routine that helps us ensure we make the most of every day.

Every morning, team members review their assigned clients accounts—following a defined 12-step process—and then report back on anything of interest. Often, this methodical review identifies issues and opportunities we might have missed if we hadn’t explicitly looked for them.

What are these 12 steps you ask? Pauline Jakober describes her team’s PPC morning routine in her recent column in Search Engine Land. Feel free to use it as a guide to develop your own PPC morning process.

(And yes, you can still have that cup of coffee!)

PPC morning routine

6 Types of PPC Skeptics—Which One Are You?

It may be hard to believe (or perhaps not), but not every business owner and marketing team is a PPC convert. Plenty of businesses (in fact, the vast majority) have yet to include online advertising in their marketing mix.

If you asked why, most of them could provide reasons for abstaining from PPC—and some may even be valid. But in our experience, PPC reluctance and skepticism is often based on misinformation and limited thinking.

In her recent article in Search Engine Land, Pauline Jakober describes six types of PPC skeptics she and her team encounter when talking to new prospects. And she introduces new ideas and perspectives that might move them (and you!) from PPC skeptic to PPC devotee.

PPC skeptics

Whip Your PPC Into Shape in Just 25 Minutes a Week

If your PPC account has been on the couch for a while, the idea of getting it back into shape can be overwhelming.

This is equally true (if not more so!) when taking over a new PPC client account that needs immediate attention.

Where do you even start?

In her Search Engine Watch column, Pauline Jakober outlines a detailed plan to cut wasteful ad spend and boost efficiencies immediately, while also revamping longer term strategy.

The best part? It only takes about 25 minutes of your time—a week!

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