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What SEM Tools Are PPC Pros Using?

Ask a PPC manager the secret to his/her success and at some point the topic of tools will come up.

Tools are critically important in PPC because they give us the data (and productivity improvements) we need to drive strategy and work efficiently.

Recently, Pauline Jakober was invited to speak at SMX East in New York and, as it happens, she was able to take in a session on this exact topic.

In her latest column in Search Engine Land, Pauline gives us a quick recap of the SMX session “Updating Your SEM Toolbox,” including a list of the PPC tools that speakers Brad Geddes, Sahil Jain and Daniel Gilbert recommend.

PPC toolbox


We’re Big Fans of AdWords New PPC Bid Adjustments—And Here’s Why

If you’re a PPC pro, you’re probably aware of AdWords’ recent changes to PPC bid adjustments. With this change, users can now set up separate bid adjustments for all device types, including mobile, desktop and tablet.

AdWords also upped the max bid adjustment percentage, from +300 percent to +900 percent.

You can read the AdWords announcement here.

From our perspective, this is a big move in the right direction.

Why? Because as PPC pros, we’re always looking for more data and more control. And this change gives us both.

(Cue silent, yet vigorous, fist pump.)

PPC bid adjustment

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The AdWords Change That Requires a Text Ad Rethink

If you’ve worked in PPC for any length of time, the combination 25-35-35 holds special meaning.

Why? Because it was the prescribed character limit for AdWords text ads.

But no longer.

In July, Google announced an expanded character count of 30-30-80 for text ads—giving PPC pros a lot more space to work with.

But while your marketing team might be tempted to simply throw in an extra headline and some additional text, your campaigns would benefit from a more considered approach.

In her latest column in Search Engine Land, Pauline Jakober shows us how to use this change to AdWords text ads more strategically.

AdWords text ads

The New (Data-Packed) Way of Measuring PPC Ad Performance

If you missed the AdWords release notes on April 11, you might want to give it another look.

Because there was small one item in those notes that got us (and other PPC pros) very excited.

Under “New Sitelinks report in AdWords reporting section in GA,” Google announced that Analytics will now report on actual clicks on sitelinks leading to a website visit.

In other words, you can now see which individual sitelinks are performing on any given campaign, and how those sitelinks contribute to performance after a click to a website.

This is huge!

To learn more about this exciting new Google Analytics feature, and how you can use it to improve your PPC campaign performance, check out Pauline Jakober’s latest column in Search Engine Watch.

PPC ad performance

AdWords Dynamic Structured Snippets: Thumbs Up or Down?

AdWords is constantly releasing new features — some of which we love — but this one has left us scratching our heads.

According to the latest announcement, AdWords is rolling out dynamic structured snippets, which automatically insert text into ads based on an algorithmic computation.

I don’t know about you, but we put way too much time into our ads to have some random text inserted; however, it’s still too soon to tell how this actually plays out and we have not seen an example yet — only one that Google gives here:

AdWords Dynamic Snippet

If you want to learn more about this update, head on over to my latest PPC column at Search Engine Watch for more.

AdWords New Data Freshness Update: Fresh Enough?

The team at Google AdWords recently announced an update on Google+ telling us of improved data freshness for search terms, geographic performance and automatic placement.


We like what we’ve heard about increased speed, though wouldn’t mind if Google took things a little bit further.
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Now You Can Stay on Top of New AdWords Features and Learning

We do our best here on the blog to talk about AdWords features that are worth noting individually, and sometimes even do roundups of all the new features recently released and updated. Still, AdWords releases so many new features each year (200 updates in 2014 alone!) that it would be a part-time job just to keep up with writing about it.
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Bad Advertising – What AdWords is Doing About It

Recently, AdWords once again announced what it is doing about bad advertising practices in a review of 2014. It’s actually done this every year since an original announcement in 2012.

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Why Online Merchants Should Consider Google Trusted Stores

Last month, Google made an announcement that joining Google Trusted Stores was simpler than ever before. Instead of submitting shipment and cancellation feeds to apply, now all you need to do is add a couple snippets of code, and follow a few steps:


So if you sell online, consider learning more about Google Trusted Stores – it could give you an edge from the search results to the click to the conversion.
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Target Your Ideal Customer Better on the GDN

Google AdWords announced enhanced targeting functionality for the Google Display Network (GDN), and it sounds pretty interesting; they’re calling it “custom affinity audiences.”

If you remember back in 2013, AdWords launched affinity segments for GDN, which was more geared towards brands that are also advertising on television. The broad targeting categories available in affinity segments closely mimicked those in TV advertising – for example, “fashion” or “travel.” It would then work with the GDN to show ads relevant to users based on interest categories and demographics.
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