New Job Position at Group Twenty Seven: PPC Account Manager

Group Twenty Seven is a boutique online advertising agency that’s run by a close-knit team of advertising professionals.

Our team is distributed geographically (with most located in Colorado and Massachusetts), but you wouldn’t know it from how we interact. We work together closely and collaboratively—and have a genuine fondness and respect for one another.

All of us are driven by the common goal of getting good results for our clients. If one team member needs extra help, other team members pitch in. We like our work and are focused on performing it smartly and efficiently. That’s just how we do it!

Job posting - PPC Account Manager

If this collaborative team environment sounds like a good fit for you, read on to learn more:


  • Provide overall day-to-day management of AdWords and Bing Ads client accounts
  • Work directly with clients to meet the goals of their PPC programs
  • Manage budgets daily to stay within monthly budget limits
  • Review key metrics daily, such as leads, sales, quality scores, positions and impression shares
  • Regularly manage for quality traffic
  • Manage search, display, shopping and video campaigns
  • Create new campaigns and develop campaigns to improve performance
  • Provide recommendations to further enhance program performance
  • Generate monthly reports
  • Work closely with PPC Associates who will support you in your day-to-day tasks.

Required skills

  • Ability to identify and creatively solve problems
  • Very high attention to detail
  • Ability to multi-task and set priorities
  • Skilled at communicating with clients about their PPC programs, including complex topics.
  • Enjoys learning about new businesses and industries; can appropriately apply what’s learned to develop new or amend existing PPC strategies
  • Self motivated
  • Analytical mindset
  • Loves performing data analysis.


  • Minimum two years experience managing AdWords accounts and working directly with clients
  • Experience with Google Analytics
  • Proficient in Excel, PowerPoint and/or Google Sheets and Slides
  • AdWords and/or Bing certified
  • Undergraduate degree in arts, science or related area.


  • Competitive salary
  • Health insurance reimbursement plan
  • Three weeks compensated time off per year
  • Ten holidays per year
  • Company laptop
  • Opportunities to advance to more senior levels of management.

To apply, tell us why you’re a good fit! Email your resume and cover letter to Pauline Jakober:

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“We engaged Group Twenty Seven to help us with our corporate Adwords account. They delivered great results immediately! I worked directly with Pauline Jakober and found her to be bright, knowledgeable, generous with her time, and sensitive to our needs. She was able to take control of our account, make improvements and get positive results very quickly.

Group Twenty Seven was responsive to phone calls and emails, and went above and beyond the terms of the engagement, including spending a lot of time answering questions and explaining strategy and tactics.

I definitely recommend Group Twenty Seven for anyone who is looking for better results and ROI from Adwords.”

Julia Altman, Marketing Director, Burning Glass Technologies

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