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Why Do-It-Yourself PPC Might Be a Bad Idea

We get it. A penny saved is a penny earned—especially when it comes to your business. So if you can save money by doing PPC in house (rather than hiring an outside PPC agency), then why not?

But here’s the thing: Whether you’re a business owner with a penchant for marketing, or an experienced executive with a solid marketing team, it’s not easy to do PPC well.

Over the years, we’ve picked up many accounts from PPC do-it-yourselfers and have identified three mistakes DIYers commonly make. (To find out what they are (and how to avoid them), check out Pauline Jakober’s article on common PPC mistakes in Search Engine Land.)

In fact, doing PPC yourself (or assigning it to your already-stretched marketing team) can end up costing you more money—sometimes a lot more—than you’ll ever save.

But you’ll never know what you’re missing unless you give professional PPC management a try.

DIY PPC tools

What Exactly is PPC Keyword Management Anyway?

PPC keyword management gets a fair amount of attention as a topic of conversation (at least in the world of PPC pros!).

It’s also a topic that sends my brain into overdrive when clients mention it.

Why? Because the phrase is used so loosely it often means different things to different people.

Part of the confusion stems from the fact that PPC keyword management isn’t just one task—it’s a group of tasks. And some are less obvious than others.

keyword management

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How to Get the Most From a Modest PPC Budget

Not every client has a huge PPC budget. Granted, once we’ve proven the value of PPC to our clients, budgets tend to increase. (Some clients even give us unlimited budgets, as long as we meet specific revenue-spend ratios.)

But usually, it takes time gain this trust.

In the meantime, we have to find creative ways to work with budgets that may only allow for one or two clicks a day in a competitive market.

And to do that, we have eight different strategies we use, ranging from implementing tighter controls to utilizing off-the-beaten-path tactics.

To find out what these strategies are specifically, take a look at Pauline Jakober’s article on working with a modest PPC budget in Search Engine Watch.

modest PPC budget


Why You Might Want to Keep Those Non-Converting PPC Campaigns Live (What?!)

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, or a client of Group Twenty Seven, you know we’re all about numbers.

We never expect clients to engage us on faith alone. We take pride in proving our worth with hard data, especially when it comes to ROI.

So how can we argue that, in specific circumstances, it’s wise to keep non-converting campaigns live? Doesn’t that contradict everything we stand for?

Well, it might appear that way. But in practice, not at all.

non-converting PPC campaigns


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Stay on Top of Your PPC Accounts With This Easy Tip

Most of us have settled on a morning routine. Whether it’s a shower and a cup of coffee, or a run around the park and a bowl of cereal, we know what we need to do to start the day off right.

The same concept applies to PPC management. At Group Twenty Seven, we have a morning routine that helps us ensure we make the most of every day.

Every morning, team members review their assigned clients accounts—following a defined 12-step process—and then report back on anything of interest. Often, this methodical review identifies issues and opportunities we might have missed if we hadn’t explicitly looked for them.

What are these 12 steps you ask? Pauline Jakober describes her team’s PPC morning routine in her recent column in Search Engine Land. Feel free to use it as a guide to develop your own PPC morning process.

(And yes, you can still have that cup of coffee!)

PPC morning routine

Getting Started With a PPC Agency: A Summary

As you may have noticed, our 10-part series on getting started with a PPC agency wrapped up last month.

If you and your marketing team have ever wondered about our client onboarding process, or what kind of activities we undertake on behalf of clients, this series tells you pretty much everything you need to know.

To read the series in full, start with our introductory post.

In the meantime, we’ll use this post to briefly summarize what we covered.

PPC agency

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How Accurate is Your PPC Conversion Tracking Data?

Conversion tracking is one of the hardest things to implement correctly in PPC management. Why? Mostly because it involves so many complex variables.

After all, every business is unique, and every business wants to track different things. Add to the mix different CMS systems and client development teams, and it’s not hard to see how conversion tracking can trip up both PPC pros and in house marketing teams.

Which is a problem. Because when things do go astray in PPC conversation tracking, you end up with inaccurate data. And when you rely on this data to make decisions about PPC strategy and tactics, the ramifications can be huge.

That’s why we’re big proponents of catching conversion tracking issues early through PPC tracking audits. In her recent column in Search Engine Watch, Pauline Jakober describes a seven step B2B AdWords conversion tracking audit her team uses to spot problems early—and maintain the integrity of client data.

PPC conversion tracking audit

Getting Started With a PPC Agency Part 10: Ongoing PPC Maintenance

Today, we come to the last stage of our client onboarding process, which is ongoing PPC maintenance.

At this stage, we’ve worked through the previous nine steps. We’ve audited your existing PPC accounts or set up new ones. We’ve worked with your marketing team to decide on account structure, strategies and tactics. We’ve written and tested your ads. Your campaigns are up and running. Everything looks solid.

At this point, it’s tempting to step back and let things roll. But, after all this work, this isn’t the time to take your foot off the gas. Rather, now’s the time to capitalize on your efforts. And that means continuing with account maintenance and additional projects as needed.

PPC maintenance

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6 Types of PPC Skeptics—Which One Are You?

It may be hard to believe (or perhaps not), but not every business owner and marketing team is a PPC convert. Plenty of businesses (in fact, the vast majority) have yet to include online advertising in their marketing mix.

If you asked why, most of them could provide reasons for abstaining from PPC—and some may even be valid. But in our experience, PPC reluctance and skepticism is often based on misinformation and limited thinking.

In her recent article in Search Engine Land, Pauline Jakober describes six types of PPC skeptics she and her team encounter when talking to new prospects. And she introduces new ideas and perspectives that might move them (and you!) from PPC skeptic to PPC devotee.

PPC skeptics

When It Comes to PPC, The Devil is in the (Case Sensitive) Details

Sometimes, PPC pros need to have a dual personality. Not dual like Jekyll and Hyde, but dual as in the ability to see the big picture while also attending to the tiniest details.

This is especially true when working with AdWords and Google Analytics.

We were reminded of this recently when a small deviation in destination goal setup in Analytics threw our data off in a big way.

Our Client’s Google Analytics Goal Setup

We have a long-time client for whom we’ve set up goals in Google Analytics. These goals allow us to monitor traffic from the client’s multiple landing pages through to its single thank you page.

Then a few weeks ago, the client set up a second thank you page. This required me to set up a new goal in Google Analytics to monitor to the new page, which I did.

Simple, right?


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