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Online Ad Blocking Finally Gets Serious

For as long as online advertising has been with us, people have complained about its impact on user experience. Granted, ads have come a long way since the internet’s early days and aren’t nearly as obnoxious as they used to be (for the most part). But that said, you don’t have to look hard to find examples of bad online advertising.

What do I mean by bad online advertising? The industry group Coalition for Better Ads lists some of the most egregious examples:

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Our End-of-Year PPC Wish List for Google

We love the world of online advertising. Few places are as dynamic and innovative. Every day brings the chance to learn something new, find a different way of doing things and master new products and practices. It’s exciting!

And because we work with new and constantly changing products every single day, we tend to have a running list of product changes and additions we’d like to see.

And so, since we’ve been especially good this year, we humbly submit to Google our end-of-year PPC wish list:

PPC wish list

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The Bad (and Good!) of Ad Blocking Software

When television was in its infancy, advertisers had full control of program content, scheduling and advertising. Networks (and certainly not users) had little influence.

It wasn’t until advertisers were caught manipulating popular quiz shows that networks assumed control and struck a balance between monetization and user experience in TV broadcast advertising.

Which brings us to online ad blocking software.

As a PPC agency owner, you might think that I’m totally against ad blocking software. And you’d be right. (I firmly believe in the benefits of advertising when applied appropriately.)

But at the same time, I recognize that ad blocking software is helping to motivate advertisers, publishers and networks to create a better balance between monetization and user experience in online advertising—the only certain way to keep ad blocking software to a minimum.

For more on ad blocking from the perspective of a PPC agency executive and web user, check out Pauline Jakober’s column in Search Engine Land.

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