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It’s 10 o’clock… Do You Know Where Your Online Ads Are?

Not long ago, one of my clients asked me to make sure their paid search ads weren’t displaying on sites featuring hate, fake news or extremist views.

This is an entirely reasonable request, of course. Most advertisers don’t want their brand, products or services to be associated with these sites, especially in our current overheated political environment.

But actually, fulfilling such a request is not so easy.

online ads

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What Are Google AdWords Product Extension Ads?

Have you been wondering about those image ads with the expandable product plus boxes?

Product Extension Ads are a great way for your products to gain more exposure as well as gain a competitive advantage.

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What Is An AdWords Product Listing Ad?

Have you noticed the image ads placed on the top right of Google’s search engine results pages? These are Product Listing Ads.

Below you can see the Product Listing Ad (red arrow) for our client Microfiber Wholesale. In addition to their Product Listing Ad there is also a text ad (blue arrow). With the two ads plus their great organic positioning (green arrows) they certainly have a nice competitive edge.

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Spring Cleaning Time! Your AdWords Account Needs It Too.

It’s Spring cleaning time!

It’s that time of year again, spring has arrived and it’s time to air things out and clean up. Just as your house may need a good cleaning, your AdWords account could likely use some sprucing up as well. Here are some quick and easy tips that can make a big difference in your account performance.

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New Discovery In AdWords: Subscribe Form Ad Format

UPDATE: Sep 26th: I spotted another one!

Click To Enlarge

UPDATE: Sep 19th: I filled out the form and have been contacted by the company’s sales person. Even if this is an old extension, it’s giving this company an nice edge against their competitors.

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