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PPC Functions and Tools We’re Grateful for in 2018

Thanksgiving is once again coming up soon! And as has become our tradition, my team and I like to use this time of year to reflect upon the many PPC functions and tools that make our jobs easier—and help us get excellent results for our clients.

This was an especially exciting year in PPC! We saw a lot of new features roll out as well as the rebranding of AdWords as Google Ads!

As a result, this year’s list consists of both long-loved tools—as well as some new favorites!

Continue reading to see which tools and functions made the cut this year.

PPC Functions and Tools We're Grateful For

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PPC Functions and Tools We’re Grateful for in 2017

It’s hard to believe, but November is already here—and Thanksgiving is just around the corner! As has become our tradition at this time of year, we’d like to give thanks for some of the PPC functions and tools that make our job much easier—and garners better results for our clients.

PPC functions and tools

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The New (Data-Packed) Way of Measuring PPC Ad Performance

If you missed the AdWords release notes on April 11, you might want to give it another look.

Because there was small one item in those notes that got us (and other PPC pros) very excited.

Under “New Sitelinks report in AdWords reporting section in GA,” Google announced that Analytics will now report on actual clicks on sitelinks leading to a website visit.

In other words, you can now see which individual sitelinks are performing on any given campaign, and how those sitelinks contribute to performance after a click to a website.

This is huge!

To learn more about this exciting new Google Analytics feature, and how you can use it to improve your PPC campaign performance, check out Pauline Jakober’s latest column in Search Engine Watch.

PPC ad performance

When It Comes to PPC, The Devil is in the (Case Sensitive) Details

Sometimes, PPC pros need to have a dual personality. Not dual like Jekyll and Hyde, but dual as in the ability to see the big picture while also attending to the tiniest details.

This is especially true when working with AdWords and Google Analytics.

We were reminded of this recently when a small deviation in destination goal setup in Analytics threw our data off in a big way.

Our Client’s Google Analytics Goal Setup

We have a long-time client for whom we’ve set up goals in Google Analytics. These goals allow us to monitor traffic from the client’s multiple landing pages through to its single thank you page.

Then a few weeks ago, the client set up a second thank you page. This required me to set up a new goal in Google Analytics to monitor to the new page, which I did.

Simple, right?


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Getting Started With a PPC Agency, Part 4: The Conversion Tracking Audit

In our post a couple weeks ago, we did a deep dive into our agency’s PPC audit process—a critical part of onboarding you and your marketing team as clients.

But there was one part of the audit process we didn’t cover in that post: conversion tracking.

In today’s post, we walk you and your marketing team through our conversion tracking audit process.

Why is Conversion Tracking So Important?

We admit it—conversion tracking audits aren’t the most fun part of our job. Walking through each conversion path, step-by-step, can be extremely tedious.

But we’re willing to do it because conversion tracking is critical to PPC campaign optimization and success.

conversion tracking

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