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8 Important Ways to Qualify Your Paid Search Prospects

Recently, a client wanted to remove qualifying elements from their text ads on the Search Network. We had been using terms in their ad copy, such as “for corporate groups” and “for 50+ people” to help make our target audience clear.

However, the client started to feel that those qualifiers had become unnecessary. They wondered if we couldn’t make better use of that ad text space.

It’s true, we had been using those qualifiers for a long time—but for good reason. We felt that they were a critical part of turning away irrelevant ad clicks.

But the client wanted to test whether those qualifiers were still necessary, so we agreed.

qualify paid search clicks

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What Exactly is PPC Keyword Management Anyway?

PPC keyword management gets a fair amount of attention as a topic of conversation (at least in the world of PPC pros!).

It’s also a topic that sends my brain into overdrive when clients mention it.

Why? Because the phrase is used so loosely it often means different things to different people.

Part of the confusion stems from the fact that PPC keyword management isn’t just one task—it’s a group of tasks. And some are less obvious than others.

keyword management

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Why You (Still) Need Ongoing PPC Management

Not long ago, one of our clients—a fashion consultant—talked to us about letting her PPC campaigns continue without daily management. While she was happy with our services, her sales cycle was extremely long, and she was getting impatient. (She was using PPC to drive leads to her newsletter with the goal of converting newsletter subscribers to clients. But building trust and rapport with subscribers takes time. And often, people expect speedy results from PPC, no matter the nature of the sales cycle.)

So she asked us about running her campaigns with no oversight. After all, they were pretty much running themselves, right?

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Enjoy Better AdWords Results Right Now – Negative Keyword Management – What You Need To Know

If you are using broad and phrase match types, you MUST manage negative keywords because you may be paying for irrelevant clicks. To find the actual search queries go to the keyword tab in your Adwords account, choose an adgroup and click on “See Search Terms”. Choose “All” to see the actual search queries that initiated clicks to your website.

Actual Search Queries

As you scan down the list of actual search queries, you may see some irrelevant terms that you definitely don’t want to pay for again. Click on the box to the left of the irrelevant phrase and then click on “Add as negative keyword”.

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