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5 GDN Optimizations You Won’t Want to Miss

Most PPC pros spend the bulk of their time on the biggest “bang-for-your-buck” PPC campaign elements, such as account setup, settings, ad creative and strategies. And that makes sense.

However, it’s also worth their time to take a second, closer look at more subtle optimizations. These optimizations may not take accounts from “zero to hero,” but they can still add up to significant improvements.

In my August Search Engine Land column, I pointed out some of these smaller optimizations in the Search Network.

More recently, I used my September column to point out a few similar optimizations you can make in the GDN.

Fortunately, many of these optimizations don’t take a ton of time to implement. So when you find yourself with even a few moments to spare, I invite you to dive in!

GDN optimizations

What Novice Paid Search Advertisers Need to Watch For

When your company finally gives its marketing team the green light to expand into paid search—and taps you to head the initiative—you know you have to get it right or risk your company taking paid search off the table for good.

But getting it right isn’t easy. Paid search is notorious for causing marketers (including those well seasoned in other channels) to stumble and fall.

However, if you know in advance which PPC areas are most problematic—and where most errors are made—you’ll know what you can do to dodge those problems.

In my most recent Search Engine Land column, I describe the five most common mistakes made by paid searches novices and how to avoid them.

Find out what you need to know to keep your company’s paid search campaigns on track—and keep PPC on the marketing table.

paid search advertisers

Why You Might Want to Keep Those Non-Converting PPC Campaigns Live (What?!)

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, or a client of Group Twenty Seven, you know we’re all about numbers.

We never expect clients to engage us on faith alone. We take pride in proving our worth with hard data, especially when it comes to ROI.

So how can we argue that, in specific circumstances, it’s wise to keep non-converting campaigns live? Doesn’t that contradict everything we stand for?

Well, it might appear that way. But in practice, not at all.

non-converting PPC campaigns


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End-of-Year PPC Campaign Clean Up

In some respects, running a PPC campaign is like cleaning your house. You have day-to-day activities (like emptying the dishwasher, folding laundry). But then you have smaller jobs that are easy to ignore but still need to get done occasionally (dusting lighting fixtures, anyone?).

The same is true of PPC campaigns. Some days, we can hardly keep up with the day-to-day stuff (like checking click-through rates and testing and analyzing keyword match type performance). But still, we have to make time for smaller tasks. And there’s no better time to tackle these tasks than as part of an end-of-year clean up.

So grab your duster and let’s get started:

PPC campaign feather duster

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Why You Can (and Should) Include Video Ads in Your PPC Campaigns

When we suggest video ads to clients, many are taken aback.

“Video ads?” they say. “Can we do that?”

Well, if you have video assets and a relatively healthy PPC budget, then yes, you can. And probably should.

Why aren’t video ads on everyone’s radar? Many think video ads are out of their budget. Others think they’d have to engage a specialized agency to manage them. But, in fact, video ads are within reach of many businesses, especially if targeted appropriately.

video ads

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