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Getting Started With a PPC Agency Part 7: Remarketing

In the most recent blog post in our client onboarding series, we discussed ad messaging, where we decide what ad copy to include in our clients’ online ads.

The next step in our process is to decide when (and where) to display those ads—which is often a question of strategy and tactics.

We touched on this topic in our post about PPC account structure and strategy. But one aspect we didn’t cover was remarketing.


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Three Areas of Paid Search You Can’t Ignore in 2016

Last year, AdWords and other PPC advertising services rolled out an abundance of new features and methods. So many, in fact, it was sometimes hard to keep up!

But with the New Year upon us, now’s the perfect time to take a broader, second look at some easily overlooked PPC elements to make sure you’re making the most of them. In particular, you might want to draw your attention to your ad messaging strategy, the inclusion of video ads in campaigns and the use of remarketing lists for search ads.

In Pauline Jakober’s recent column in Search Engine Land, she dives into these three paid search areas in detail and explains why they’re so important.

Of course, these are only a small sample of the many avenues you can explore in paid search. If you really want to take your PPC campaigns to a new level this year, Pauline challenges readers to pick at least one new search tactic and test it. Who knows what you’ll discover!

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AdWords Remarketing Enhancements Improve Efficiency

AdWords Remarketing Enhancements Improve Efficiency

Whoever said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” never met Google. When the company rolled out its AdWords remarketing feature in March of 2010, they gave advertisers a powerful tool to increase conversions by getting a second chance at potential customers.

It’s basically a way to retarget previous visitors to your site who didn’t click through an ad for some reason, and the responses to the feature have been encouraging. So much so, Google is in the process of providing a few enhancements to further improve remarketing results.

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