PPC Consulting

PPC consulting is a great option for companies that have resources in-house for PPC, but are looking for a strategic starting point or a review of what they’ve been doing already. Group Twenty Seven’s consulting offers a clear path to getting the best results possible.

During our consulting engagement with you, we ask the right questions to uncover what matters most about your business and the products and services you offer.

We also mine the data you already have in your Google Ads or Bing Ads account to lay the foundation for an efficient, streamlined advertising program that’s aligned with what makes you money.

How We Help You Improve PPC ROI

Did you know that the success of your ad campaign often lies in the basics of the account structure? We call the organization of your account its “architecture,” and it’s really the cornerstone of all your PPC efforts.

Sometimes businesses have all the right elements for success in their PPC accounts, but what’s missing is the organization. Restructuring your account can make a world of difference.

When you consult with Group Twenty Seven on your PPC account, we provide this organization strategy. You’ll also receive custom recommendations for an ROI-based PPC program via a thorough audit of the business and its advertising options.

Each business is different when it comes to PPC consulting needs, so what we deliver to you varies based on your current requirements. However, we’ll always apply the same strategic approach we know works to whatever we deliver, whether it’s sound guidance, a thorough audit report or something else.

Types of strategies we consult on include:

  • International PPC projects
  • Corporations looking to transition away from their PPC agency
  • In-house PPC teams wanting to up their game
  • Second opinions and advice on PPC strategy

Tactical insights might include:

  • Identifying the ad features and formats that are best for your business or campaign.
  • Teaching you how to find and implement negative keywords.
  • Showing you ways to use analytics data to find more keyword opportunities.
  • Uncovering the campaign settings that best benefit your ads.
  • Illustrating the techniques for landing page optimization.
  • Showing you best practices for improved quality scores.
  • Educating you on how to create ad messaging that will increase click-through rate.
  • Demonstrating systems for tracking to better understand your PPC ROI.
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“Pauline and the team at Group Twenty Seven have reinvigorated our PPC program and helped guide us to whole new levels of success (clicks AND revenue!). Her expertise and management have helped us evaluate and restructure our program and we are thrilled with the results. Pauline has helped educate and guide us during this whole process and is an AdWords guru who is always on top of the ever-changing strategies and policies. If you are looking to improve your PPC program you want to talk to Group Twenty Seven. We’re so glad we did!”

Karen Cirrito, Market Development Manager, Cognex Corporation

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