PPC Partnership

Our PPC Partnership service is a great way to bridge the gap between doing everything in-house and hiring an agency to do everything for you.

We offer this service because many of our clients have their own in-house marketing teams, but they recognize the need for more specialized PPC support—especially as PPC grows in importance and becomes even more complex.

Many of our PPC partners also see the value in having a “fresh set of eyes” on their account on a regular basis. When you manage your PPC accounts entirely in-house, it becomes hard to see the full picture. Partnering with an experienced agency is a great way to spot opportunities and problems your team may have missed.

At the same time, our PPC partners are reluctant to outsource their PPC management entirely. They already have some internal resources, and they like the idea of retaining an in-house team with deep connections to their business.

With our PPC Partnership service, you get the best of both worlds.

The Partnership Structure

Depending on your needs, we can structure this partnership in different ways.

Some of our clients have junior-level staff in place who can act on strategies and direction once they’re decided. But they lack senior people with the expertise to set that direction. Our senior agency team members can help fill that void.

Other clients already have senior people in-house who are comfortable setting strategy and direction. But they lack the in-house support they need to implement the leaders’ vision. Our team can step in and fill that void as well.

Whatever your needs, we can work with you to develop a partnership structure that will give you the best parts of the in-house and agency management models.

Some of the advantages of partnering your in-house team with our PPC agency:

  • Access to experts that specialize in PPC. PPC is all we do, so our knowledge runs deep. In addition, we’re also experts in sub-specialty areas within PPC, such as remarketing and shopping.
  • Keep up with industry changes. As a PPC agency, we have to stay up to date on industry changes. If we don’t, we won’t be in business for long! We’re highly motivated to keep on top of industry changes—and we can help you navigate those changes as well.
  • The ability to act quickly. Opportunities can arise quickly in PPC when Google Ads makes changes or rolls out new features. But you have to be able to act quickly to take advantage of them. With our team of experts, we have the ability to jump on opportunities as they come up.  
  • Direct access to Google Ads reps. As an experienced and respected PPC agency, Google Ads has assigned us our own account rep. This helps us get quick answers when problems arise for our clients.
  • Earlier access to alphas and betas. Google is constantly rolling out new tools and interfaces. As a trusted agency, we’re often given early access to these alpha and beta tests. This allows us to master these tools and interfaces early and use them to your advantage when they become available to you. As a result, you can hit the ground running.
  • A proactive approach. When you’re short on time and expertise, the natural response is to take a reactive approach to managing your PPC accounts. But often, the real opportunities lie in being proactive. With our knowledge and resources, we can actively seek out strategies that will get you where you want to go—and spot problems before they can occur.