Our B2B Digital Marketing Services

Give your B2B marketing team the support they need to further optimize and manage your Google Ads, YouTube Video Ads, and LinkedIn Ads advertising programs.

We are excited to support and optimize your digital advertising programs and extend the capabilities of your existing marketing team in four ways:

Google Ads Audits for B2Bs

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Paid Search  Consulting

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LinkedIn & Google Ads Management

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Corporate Ads Platform Training

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Whether your marketing team consists of one person or twenty, your advertising approach will grow stale unless you purposefully inject fresh thinking and cross-pollinate creative ideas by bringing in an outside partner.

Our B2B digital advertising experts will reinvigorate your team and keep your program going strong by reviewing Google Ads, YouTube Ads, and LinkedIn accounts to:

  • Validate existing strategies
  • Find implementation errors
  • Spark new ideas.

When even minor recommendations can have a big impact, this once-a-year account review can save precious advertising dollars and keep your team at the top of its game. Our audits will ensure that your advertising program is aligned with your overall business and marketing goals, from high-level strategies to specific program elements, such as:

  • Tracking
  • Settings
  • Keyword strategies
  • Match type strategies
  • Messaging
  • Audience targeting
  • And more, depending on your needs and specific concerns.

Based on our findings, we also provide a “test and learn” schedule so your team can continue to improve campaign performance!

Our Fee


For ad spend that is under $50,000 per month.

For ad spend that is $50,000+:

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A partner in every sense of the word.

“Pauline and her entire team at Group Twenty Seven have been amazing to work with. They’re smart, organized and always on top of new trends and platform updates. We initially contacted them to fill a void until we could make an internal hire, but given the value they’ve brought us, we’ve kept them on board for over three years. They are truly an extension of our team with a high level of collaboration and understanding of our unique business.

We are not a traditional e-commerce company with unique inventory rotating on and off our site daily and they have gotten creative, analytical, and thoughtful to test out new ways to drive results. They are always looking for new ways to optimize our campaigns and collaborate with us to ensure we are able to demonstrate ROI. Most importantly they will let us know when something isn't working so we can decide to iterate or take a different approach. They are thoughtful of our budgets and make sure we always get the most out of every click. Group Twenty Seven is a partner in every sense of the word asking the right questions and driving results through their work.”

—Jessica Polmanteer, Senior Director of Marketing, Proxibid
Client since March 2018

Is your in-house team facing a specific, time-limited problem? We’ll provide you with the expertise and resources you need to solve specific paid search problems.

Our team members have diverse skill sets that we deploy to almost any paid search project, from basic implementation to complex problem-solving.

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Sold in 5-hour blocks

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Better ROI on Google Ads dollars.

“The Group Twenty Seven Team knows their stuff when it comes to Google Ads. They were able to overhaul my advertising account to provide a similar rate of conversions at substantially less cost. They are great communicators, friendly and pleasant to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Group Twenty Seven to anyone looking for better ROI on their Google Ads dollars.”

—Molly Owens, CEO, Truity Psychometrics
January 2021

LinkedIn & Google Ads Management

If you’re like most of our clients, your B2B may not have the in-house resources it needs to manage and optimize ongoing Google Ads, YouTube, and LinkedIn Ads advertising programs. In these cases, we serve as the paid search arm of your existing marketing team.

We partner with you to develop a digital advertising strategy that supports your business and marketing goals while also owning the implementation of those strategies. At the same time, we keep you involved and updated with regular reporting and consultation. Our capabilities include:

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Fees are based on your requirements and project scope.

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Search Ads

Search ads are the number-one way to convert people into leads and customers because they display when people are actively searching for your products or services.

These ads use keywords, messaging and audience targeting (such as in-market, similar audiences, and remarketing) to convert at all stages of the funnel.

Display Image Ads

Display ads showcase your products via images across millions of websites using a variety of targeting methods, such as related topics, custom audiences based on your competitors, and remarketing.

While most often used to promote top-of-funnel product and brand awareness, Display ads can also drive revenue and increase brand sales.

YouTube Video Ads

YouTube videos ads are a great way to spark interest in your product or service. They’re also the best way to answer common search questions, such as “What is…?” and “How to…?” while demonstrating how your offering solves those problems.

Although YouTube video ads are mostly utilized top-of-funnel, specialized video ad formats, such as TrueView video ads, can direct viewers to your site for more sales and leads.

Discovery Ads

Discovery ads repurpose your existing content to target high-intent custom audiences at the right time and place with visually-rich and multi-asset creatives rendered natively across YouTube, “What to Watch Next” feeds, and Gmail.

These ads are a great choice if you have a large budget and want to attract new top-of-funnel leads.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential to any lead generation effort to ensure frictionless conversions.

They must contain the right mix of content, creatives, trust signals and calls to action to not undermine your paid search efforts.


Google Ads and Microsoft Ads roll out betas and new features all the time.

Successful paid search programs test every new opportunity and implement the most successful ones to further increase leads and sales.


Data analysis lies at the core of any successful paid search program.

Your Google Ads and Google Analytics data are your best means to continually improve on your paid search results. Specialized competitor analysis tools will also ensure you stay ahead of the competition.


Reporting takes the mountains of data generated by your accounts and puts it in a form that’s easily digestible for planning and decision making.

Specialized reporting tools, such as Google Data Studio, create custom reports that clearly illustrate how each advertising campaign is supporting your overall business and marketing goals.

LinkedIn Advertising

With 850 million professionals and counting, LinkedIn is an increasingly useful platform for B2B advertisers. 

With its different ad types and targeting methods, LinkedIn Ads is a great way to grow brand awareness and generate leads for your business.

Couldn’t be happier with the results.

“I’ve worked with a variety of PPC/search companies over the years, and Pauline and her team, continue to be outstanding. We are in a very difficult position bidding against some of the larger cancer organizations out there, and Pauline and co continually find great ways to compete without breaking the bank.

We’ve been working with Group Twenty Seven for about four years, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. We meet with their team on a weekly basis and review status and performance. They are very responsive to our needs and always think outside of the box, as you know it’s an ever-changing field.”

—Peter Anton, VP of Marketing, International Myeloma Foundation
Client since February 2017

Corporate Ads Platform Training

Are you adding new people to your marketing team but lack the bandwidth to train them due to turnover, long-term leave, or other resourcing issues?

We live at the cutting edge of digital advertising by necessity—and we will get your team up to speed too. Whether you need a full suite of training or seek to fill a specific knowledge gap, we can tailor our training to your team’s needs.

Each live training session includes:

  • A slide deck
  • Additional resources
  • An additional 30-minute Q&A that you can use directly after the session or save for a later date

Our Fee


Per training session.

Training typically consists of 10-15 sessions depending on your needs.

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Group Twenty Seven delivers.

“Simply put, in the past ten years, Pauline and Group Twenty Seven have helped me grow a small start-up team building company into the largest corporate event company in America. Since then, I’ve enlisted Pauline to handle another one of my start-ups, with two more launching this year. Any company can say they can manage your PPC marketing, but Group Twenty Seven delivers.”

—Scott Flynn, CEO, Best Corporate Events
Client since January 2010

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