Our Top 5 B2B Digital Marketing Articles in 2023

The world of B2B digital marketing is always in a state of perpetual change, and 2023 was no exception. 

We had a lot to talk about! And so I committed myself to continue writing about our industry and sharing my insights based on the work we do at Group Twenty Seven. 

I’ve shared those insights here on my website, in my newsletter, through my LinkedIn posts, and as a contributor to Search Engine Land

I truly hope this content has been useful to my clients and colleagues—and any B2B advertiser with a Google Ads program. I’ve certainly gotten a lot of value by following other professionals in our industry, so I’m happy to contribute to the discussion.  

With that, below are my top-performing B2B digital marketing articles from last year. Feel free to click through and check them out if you missed any!

1. What marketing teams need to remember about Google Ads

When you log into the Google Ads platform, everything seems so straightforward. 

The platform tells you what you need to do for your Google Ads program to succeed. If you happen to miss any of those in-platform recommendations, your Google Ads account rep will happily help, advising you to take the same or similar advice.  

But if you go below the surface of these recommendations, you start to understand that not all is as it seems. 

Which is why you need to take Google Ads recommendations with a giant grain of salt. 

2. Simple PPC optimizations you might have missed

When we set out to optimize our PPC programs, we usually jump right to the big stuff—major undertakings, such as revamping account structures and updating landing pages, that can take months to complete. 

These big projects are great—and they can make a real difference to your PPC programs. 

But not everyone has the resources to tackle these big initiatives. 

Fortunately, not every optimization requires you to move a mountain. Here are three simple PPC optimizations you can complete in a matter of hours—or even minutes!

3. What’s so exciting about Google’s new Demand Gen campaigns?

Savvy B2B advertisers are always on the lookout for new ways to build brand and product awareness. 

Why? Because they understand the foundational work they need to complete before they get to the lead capture stage.

So when Google announced a new campaign type that’s great for growing brand awareness and generating demand, B2B advertisers took note. 

Since then, interest in Demand Gen campaigns has only grown. 

4. Recommendations for Google Ads you can safely follow

Almost everyone has recommendations for how to make the most of Google advertising. 

Unfortunately, many of those recommendations conflict. 

In a way, it’s not surprising. Every business is different. So what works well for one B2B advertiser won’t always work well for another. 

Sadly, all this conflicting advice is enough to immobilize less experienced advertisers into not advertising at all! 

It doesn’t have to be that way. I created a list of seven recommendations that you can safely follow with Google Ads—and not lose any sleep.

5. Key ingredients of top-performing Google Ads programs

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of businesses do extremely well with Google Ads. And I’ve seen a lot of businesses not do well at all. 

What separates the two?

It’s a question I frequently ask myself. And based on my years of experience in the industry, I’ve got some answers. 

I’ve identified three key factors that are common among B2B advertisers that succeed with their Google advertising.

And you might be surprised to see that budget isn’t one of them (at least not directly).

Let’s keep the conversation going in 2024

Thanks again to everyone who’s liked or shared my content over the past year. And an extra special thanks to everyone who commented and shared their perspective. 

I love having these productive conversations. Let’s keep it going in 2024!