PPC Segmentation by Mobile Device

PPC Segmentation by Mobile DeviceMobile Commerce, or mCommerce, is the fastest growing segment of online marketing today. Retailers have long known the power of point-of-sale (POS) purchasing; that’s why there is candy on the bookstore checkout counter. Smartphones and tablets take POS opportunities to a whole new level.

Marketers poised to take advantage of this vertical by beefing up segmented mCommerce PPC campaigns can zero in for a big win over competitors – important in a market where customers can compare prices and product features from literally anywhere.

Granular PPC Campaigns

A study by the Reynolds Journalism Institute found that men ages 18 to 54 make up almost 67% of all large tablet computer users like the iPad.

The survey also breaks down users by income, with $75K as the tipping point. The bottom line is that wealthier users earning more than $75K favor pricier Apple iPhones and iPads, while users earning less than $75K prefer more economic Android-based models.

For a savvy marketer, this information leads to a granular approach to PPC campaigns, with advertising segmented by specific mobile device. Mobile-specific segmented ads lead to a significant increase in  conversion rates. One good example is this ad converted at a 50% higher rate as the same ad without a reference to smartphone access:

The takeaway here is how a simple PPC optimization, segmented by device, improves your ROI.

Ad Extensions Improve Conversion Rates

The power of mobile segmentation is in immediacy. Putting the information at the fingertips of the consumer at the precise moment he is poised to make a purchase decision. By using the short keywords a mobile device user is most likely to rely on, and tying ad extensions like click-to-call, click for directions, and instant savings offers, you are in a prime position to make the sale.

Offering price points and promotional offers is another way to increase traffic. It tells the potential customer what to expect before he clicks through to your site. Customers like the transparency and are more open to purchase as a result.

Optimized Landing Pages

The final consideration for mobile ad segmentation is a landing page designed for the way mobile users view and use the site. If it’s not user-friendly, you’ll lose them and they won’t be back. Make navigation easy with big buttons that are easy to find and click using a thumb or man-sized forefinger, and give your calls to action center stage. The landing page should load quickly and be uncluttered, and contain links to the regular website and to any apps you have.

With good PPC management, you can optimize your ad campaign by segmenting mobile ads to targeted devices to increase conversion rates and maximize profits. This will allow you to please  your customers by giving them exactly what they are looking for with mobile ad segmentation specifically targeted to address their demographic and search terms, optimized for user-friendly access.