Google Ads Management Services

We’re adaptable to your needs — whether you want Google Ads management, YouTube video ads management, or Google Ads audits and consulting.

Google Ads Management

Partner with a team of PPC experts to manage your Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts.

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YouTube Video Ads Management

Enlist our team of YouTube video ad specialists to manage your video ad campaigns.

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Google Ads Audits & Consulting

Get advice (or a second opinion) on your Google Ads and/or Microsoft Ads programs.

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Increase Leads and Sales Through Google and Microsoft Advertising

Our team of PPC experts is here to help you with every aspect of Google and Microsoft paid search advertising, including:

Search Ads

Search ads are the number-one way to convert people into leads and customers because they display when people are actively searching for your products or services.

These ads use keywords, messaging and audience targeting (such as in-market, similar audiences, and remarketing) to convert at all stages of the funnel.

Display Image Ads

Display ads showcase your products via images across millions of websites using a variety of targeting methods, such as related topics, custom audiences based on your competitors, and remarketing.

While most often used to promote top-of-funnel product and brand awareness, Display ads can also drive revenue and increase brand sales.

YouTube Video Ads

YouTube videos ads are a great way to spark interest in your product or service. They’re also the best way to answer common search questions, such as “What is…?” and “How to…?” while demonstrating how your offering solves those problems.

Although YouTube video ads are mostly utilized top-of-funnel, specialized video ad formats, such as TrueView video ads, can direct viewers to your site for more sales and leads.

Discovery Ads

Discovery ads repurpose your existing content to target high-intent custom audiences at the right time and place with visually-rich and multi-asset creatives rendered natively across YouTube, “What to Watch Next” feeds, and Gmail.

These ads are a great choice if you have a large budget and want to attract new top-of-funnel leads.

Shopping Ads

When leads and customers are ready to buy, they search Google or Microsoft for your products. With Shopping ads, your product ads are displayed at that crucial moment at the top of search-results pages.

With Smart Shopping ads, you can also target leads and customers via remarketing and other intent signals across Google networks, Google Shopping, YouTube and Gmail.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential to any lead generation effort to ensure frictionless conversions.

They must contain the right mix of content, creatives, trust signals and calls to action to not undermine your paid search efforts.


Google Ads and Microsoft Ads roll out betas and new features all the time.

Successful paid search programs test every new opportunity and implement the most successful ones to further increase leads and sales.


Data analysis lies at the core of any successful paid search program.

Your Google Ads and Google Analytics data are your best means to continually improve on your paid search results. Specialized competitor analysis tools will also ensure you stay ahead of the competition.


Reporting takes the mountains of data generated by your accounts and puts it in a form that’s easily digestible for planning and decision making.

Specialized reporting tools, such as Google Data Studio, create custom reports that clearly illustrate how each advertising campaign is supporting your overall business and marketing goals.

Whether your budget is $10K or $100K, we’ll get the results you want and keep you in the loop along the way.

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Case Study


Proxibid had an unwieldy account with hundreds (if not thousands) of disapproved ads and non-serving keywords and ad groups. See how we created a streamlined management system that we customized to the client’s business and needs—and delivered great results.

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YouTube Video Ads Management

Enlist our team of YouTube video ad specialists to manage your video ad campaigns.

We leverage the reach and targeting capabilities of YouTube to attain your marketing goals with video ad campaigns, including in-stream ads, bumper ads, and video discovery ads.

Video advertising doesn’t have to be overly expensive or complicated. Find out how we make video work for big and small advertisers.

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Case Study

International Myeloma Foundation

With testing and client collaboration, we developed a successful strategy to gain exposure and generate positive donation revenue. Now the International Myeloma Foundation reaches 100% ROI every month.

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Get advice (or a second opinion) on your Google Ads and/or Microsoft Ads programs.

We structure our PPC consulting engagements to meet your goals, whether it’s a straightforward account audit or something more involved. Get the industry expertise you need to boost your advertising ROI.

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