Case Study

Best Corporate Events Achieves a 218% Increase in Leads with Group Twenty Seven

Best Corporate Events & Team Building

Best Corporate Events delivers original event programming with experienced facilitators to corporate groups and large organizations across North America, including Fortune 100 companies.


  • Low quality scores and ad impressions. Best Corporate Events’ PPC account needed improved quality scores and ad impression rates to be a competitive player in the ad landscape.
  • Limited future growth. With little success in their strongest  markets, the prospect of expanding to other  locations seemed remote.


  • Account optimization with a targeted strategy for landing pages.
  • Tightened relationship between keyword, ad copy and landing pages.
  • Nationwide rollout. Once high quality scores and a good share of ad impressions was achieved, the company’s PPC advertising was rolled out to more markets nationwide.
  • Openness to testing and iterations. Throughout its partnership with Group Twenty Seven, Best Corporate Events has been open to accepting our recommendations to test many different landing page  iterations, which has been a major contributor to its PPC success.


  • 218% increase in leads YOY from 2011 to 2012.
  • An average of 15% increase in leads in subsequent years.

Group Twenty Seven delivers.

“Simply put, in the past ten years, Pauline and Group Twenty Seven have helped me grow a small start-up team building company into the largest corporate event company in America. Since then, I’ve enlisted Pauline to handle another one of my start-ups, with two more launching this year. Any company can say they can manage your PPC marketing, but Group Twenty Seven delivers.”

Scott Flynn Best Corporate Events —Scott Flynn, CEO, Best Corporate Events