Case Study

SmartHunts’ Google Ads Campaigns Become Its New Top Source of Leads


Since 2010, SmartHunts has been delivering fun hi-tech scavenger hunts to corporate teams with an unique combination of sightseeing, gaming, laughter and team building.


  • Main keyword attracting the wrong audiences. The company’s top converting, and highest volume, keyword held different meanings for different people, attracting unwanted clicks from non-targeted audiences.
  • Little success with alternative keywords. Bidding on longer tail keywords resulted in minimal traffic and few leads, which increased dependence on its top converting keyword.


  • Tighten ad messaging. Group Twenty Seven implemented tight ad messaging that clearly conveys that SmartHunts works only with large corporations and organizations.
  • Stringently negate keywords. The Group Twenty Seven team created an exhaustive negative keyword list to impede irrelevant traffic.


  • 27% average increase in leads every year since the program launched in 2015.
  • Google Ads campaigns are now the top source of leads for the company.

Steady increase in ROI year over year.

“The Group Twenty Seven team is at the core of our success with PPC management. They are a vital partner in our business and always exceed our expectations. We have been working with Pauline and her team for almost 5 years! We have enjoyed a steady increase in ROI year over year.”

Bryan Burns SmartHunts —Bryan Burns, Founder, SmartHunts