Case Study

Proxibid Harnesses the Power of Mobile to Maximize User Engagement and Sales

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Proxibid is a leading online marketplace that brings 4,000+ auctioneers, asset owners and consignors together with buyers from 190 countries.


  • Limited mobile advertising. Mobile landing pages were unoptimized and insights into mobile revenue were limited.
  • Unwieldy Google Ads account with hundreds (if not thousands) of disapproved or non-serving ads, keywords and ad groups.
  • Lack of Google Analytics revenue tracking. Revenue tracking was done by the client internally and limited to the campaign-level.


  • Understand how customer are using mobile through improved data insights.
  • Re-organize accounts to facilitate optimization and management based on those insights.
  • Introduce improved processes and daily quality checks for ad event updates.
  • Implement customized Google Analytics UTM parameter tracking at a more granular level.
  • Utilize budget more efficiently across the account.
  • Start to identify and test new strategies and tactics the client could apply.


  • Increased account signups. Mobile campaign tracking data revealed that most new account signups happen on mobile for this client. By optimizing mobile landing pages, the client is increasing account signups and driving new sales.
  • Improved account optimization. 
  • Continued testing of new strategies and tactics, such as Customer Match, Dynamic Search Ads and Dynamic Remarketing campaigns.
  • Tracking at the ad group level and deeper optimization with less reliance on client internal reporting.
  • Steady YOY growth.

A partner in every sense of the word.

“Pauline and her entire team at Group Twenty Seven have been amazing to work with. They’re smart, organized and always on top of new trends and platform updates. We initially contacted them to fill a void until we could make an internal hire, but given the value they’ve brought us, we’ve kept them on board for over three years. They are truly an extension of our team with a high level of collaboration and understanding of our unique business.

We are not a traditional e-commerce company with unique inventory rotating on and off our site daily and they have gotten creative, analytical, and thoughtful to test out new ways to drive results. They are always looking for new ways to optimize our campaigns and collaborate with us to ensure we are able to demonstrate ROI. Most importantly they will let us know when something isn’t working so we can decide to iterate or take a different approach. They are thoughtful of our budgets and make sure we always get the most out of every click. Group Twenty Seven is a partner in every sense of the word asking the right questions and driving results through their work.”

Jessica P Proxibid —Jessica Polmanteer, Senior Director of Marketing, Proxibid