Case Study

Truity Achieves 2.5X Paid Search ROI for Its New Product

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Truity delivers personalized insights to more than two million users each month with its user-friendly, research-backed personality and career assessments.


  • New product launch with little historical data for guidance.
  • Secondary products lagging in sales performance.
  • Limited ad budget, which impeded brand building, program expansion, and sales growth.
  • Low top ad impression shares, which limited brand awareness and sales.
  • Superfluous keywords in the account undermined top revenue-generating keywords.


  • Work closely with the client to build trust and remove strict ad budget limits.
  • Set overall revenue ROI goal at 2X.
  • Create a separate testing budget to build brand awareness via video ads.
  • Redeploy a portion of the returns from the primary product to test secondary product promotion strategies.
  • Consult with the client to remove post-click friction through landing page updates and other post-click strategies.


  • Steady 2X to 2.5X ROI on product paid search advertising.
  • New promotional strategies identified through video advertising to drive bonus sales.
  • High levels of engagement achieved (including post-click) with TrueView video ads to grow brand awareness and branded sales.
  • Increased top ad impression shares.
  • Lower cost-per-clicks and improved account performance.

Better ROI on Google Ads dollars.

“The Group Twenty Seven Team knows their stuff when it comes to Google Ads. They were able to overhaul my advertising account to provide a similar rate of conversions at substantially less cost. They are great communicators, friendly and pleasant to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Group Twenty Seven to anyone looking for better ROI on their Google Ads dollars.”

—Molly Owens, CEO, Truity Psychometrics