Dynamic Remarketing for All

Since we reported on the announcement of dynamic remarketing last year for retailers, Google has been working to make good on its promise that it would allow other industry verticals access to this AdWords feature, too.

This month, Google announced the time was here for all advertisers in any sector to go dynamic with their remarketing, including travel and hospitality, real estate, career, auto, finance and education, to name a few.

Dynamic remarketing are ads that are dynamically generated by Google AdWords based on the behavior of your target audience on your website. From the announcement, Google explains further:

Let’s say you sell cars and offer hundreds of makes and models in multiple cities. With dynamic remarketing, you can build one ad that will dynamically show tailored messaging to your site visitors, like the cars they engaged with on your site, and similar cars in that city and price range.

If you’re curious how this would work for other sectors, Google offered up a few case studies; one for the travel industry showed how a hotel used dynamic ads to show prospects the package, hotel or cruise that was most relevant to them.

To get started, you’ll need to create a “feed” that includes details about the products or services you offer like pricing images and more. Google offers more help on how to set that up here.


Members of the Google team recently held a “Hangout” on Google+ to discuss the advancements in dynamic remarketing, which you can view here:

And for a quick intro into the types of remarketing available to you, check out this post we wrote on the differences between remarketing, dynamic remarketing and remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA).