Google AdWords’ New Ad Customizers Promises to Scale Ad Creative

Last week, Google announced the first in a series of planned releases for tools catered to large-scale AdWords advertisers. “Ad customizers” promises to make managing the creation of ads simpler for those who handle thousands (or even “millions” of products, Google says).

If this thing does what it says it’s going to do, it should be pretty neat. And, ad customizers work for both text ads on the search or display network.

In the AdWords help files, Google gives a high-level overview of how it works here:

Ad customizers adapt your ads to the real-time context of your potential customers—what they’re searching for, where they’re browsing, what device they’re using, and when they’re looking at your ad.

Essentially, ad customizers creates ads with replaceable text which is fueled by spreadsheet data the advertiser provides on things like promotions, pricing and so on.

  • The list of standard attributes to include in that spreadsheet can be found here.
  • The list of targeting options can be found here.

If you have to make changes at any time to that spreadsheet, however, Google says you have to edit the data one cell at a time within the interface at the “business data” section in the “shared library,” or in bulk by uploading a new file.

Some examples of how ads can be customized are by keyword, campaign and ad group, and one-time events or recurring events.

The following visual is an example of how the parameters in the ad and the data in the spreadsheet work together to customize an ad for a particular product (courtesy of AdWords help files):


The data you see above the sample ad represents the types of parameters that will generate relevant text in the advertisement.

This feature will roll out globally over the next few weeks, according to the announcement, and Google says advertisers that have used the feature in beta have experienced results, including improved key performance indicators and click-through rates.

We’ll keep our eye out on this new feature here at Group Twenty Seven, and let our readers know the outcome any clients who decide to pursue it.