Sweating the Details With Dynamic Structured Snippets

As PPC marketers, we’re detail orientated. It’s mandatory. (Try to find a job posting for a PPC marketer that doesn’t say applicants must be “detail orientated.” You won’t find one.)

After all, in our line of work, details matter. Often, it’s in the nitty gritty (the stuff that’s easy to overlook or ignore) that we find new ways to maximize ROI.

(To friends and families who must live with our extreme attention to detail: we apologize. To clients: you’re welcome.)

Not surprisingly, then, we’re very, very picky about what we put in our PPC ads. We write and rewrite our ad copy. We analyze, we ponder, we argue. Once ads go live, we monitor, adjust and then adjust again.

Consequently, we had some concerns about the automatically generated text that comes with AdWords dynamic structured snippets. And from what we’ve seen so far, the results have been mixed. Learn more about our experience with dynamic structured snippets in Pauline Jakober’s latest Search Engine Watch article.

P.S. It looks like AdWords isn’t yet done with structured snippets. It recently announced it will be rolling out a new variation of snippets, called structured snippet extensions. Stay tuned for more on this topic!

Dynamic structured snippets