The Importance of PPC Account Structure: A Real World Example

In our series on getting started with a PPC agency, we’ve talked a number of times about the vital importance of PPC account structure.

We’ve discussed how poor account structure is a red flag for other possible account problems. And how good account structure is critical for analysis, optimization, budgeting and quality score.

But sometimes, nothing makes the point as vividly as a real world example.

Pauline Jakober does exactly that in her latest column in Search Engine Land. In it, she gives readers an inside look at a PPC account we recently took over.

The previous account management team had structured the account around personas. And while that’s not a bad strategy necessarily, in this case it diluted keywords and made conversion path performance something of a crapshoot.

Find out what happened when we ditched the persona structure and reorganized the client’s PPC account around moneymaking keywords. (Hint: It’s a happy ending!)

PPC account structure