How Accurate is Your PPC Conversion Tracking Data?

Conversion tracking is one of the hardest things to implement correctly in PPC management. Why? Mostly because it involves so many complex variables.

After all, every business is unique, and every business wants to track different things. Add to the mix different CMS systems and client development teams, and it’s not hard to see how conversion tracking can trip up both PPC pros and in house marketing teams.

Which is a problem. Because when things do go astray in PPC conversation tracking, you end up with inaccurate data. And when you rely on this data to make decisions about PPC strategy and tactics, the ramifications can be huge.

That’s why we’re big proponents of catching conversion tracking issues early through PPC tracking audits. In her recent column in Search Engine Watch, Pauline Jakober describes a seven step B2B AdWords conversion tracking audit her team uses to spot problems early—and maintain the integrity of client data.

PPC conversion tracking audit