Low Quality Score: A Series on How to Revive Your AdWords Account. Part 3: Landing Page Strategy

Last year, we took on a client in dire need of a campaign overhaul. Their Adwords account needed major mending due to Quality Scores of the lowest kind. It would be an uphill battle but we were intrigued and up for a challenge. If you missed the first two posts, you can start at Part 1: Quality Score Killers.

Landing page relevancy plays an important role in regards to quality score. Originally, the client had been landing visitors on relevant pages of their website. This can work well for accounts that have good quality score but we wanted to stay away from anything that was implemented prior to us reviving the account.

PPC Landing Pages

Hyper Focus on Relevancy

Our overall landing page strategy was to hyper focus on relevancy. Instead of landing the visitors on the original pages we continued with our city plus keyword strategy for our new landing pages. Each city campaign ad had its own city specific landing page. Title tags, headlines and content contained our city specific keywords along with a client testimonial and call to action.

The new PPC landing pages contained optimized title tags, headlines and content, just like basic on-page SEO.

Example Title Tag: [Company Name]: Scavenger Hunts in Boston, Massachusetts: Delivering Cutting Edge Team Building Programs And Activities

Example Headline: Boston Team Building & Scavenger Hunts.

In addition to the above examples and content optimization, we included a video of their top programs, a client testimonial and a short form.

Next, we’ll share the outcome of our efforts and some of our findings. Read how we our quality score improvement strategies worked!