Stay on Top of Your PPC Accounts With This Easy Tip

Most of us have settled on a morning routine. Whether it’s a shower and a cup of coffee, or a run around the park and a bowl of cereal, we know what we need to do to start the day off right.

The same concept applies to PPC management. At Group Twenty Seven, we have a morning routine that helps us ensure we make the most of every day.

Every morning, team members review their assigned clients accounts—following a defined 12-step process—and then report back on anything of interest. Often, this methodical review identifies issues and opportunities we might have missed if we hadn’t explicitly looked for them.

What are these 12 steps you ask? Pauline Jakober describes her team’s PPC morning routine in her recent column in Search Engine Land. Feel free to use it as a guide to develop your own PPC morning process.

(And yes, you can still have that cup of coffee!)

PPC morning routine