What Is An AdWords Product Listing Ad?

Have you noticed the image ads placed on the top right of Google’s search engine results pages? These are Product Listing Ads.

Below you can see the Product Listing Ad (red arrow) for our client Microfiber Wholesale. In addition to their Product Listing Ad there is also a text ad (blue arrow). With the two ads plus their great organic positioning (green arrows) they certainly have a nice competitive edge.

What are the requirements of Product Listing Ads?
•    Your site must currently sell products.
•    Updated and live Google Merchant Shopping feed.
•    Google Merchant Shopping feed that is linked to your AdWords account.
•    Google Merchant Shopping feed includes attributes for Product Ads.

Important Tips Regarding Product Listing Ads
•    Create specific campaigns only for Product Listing Ads.
•    Do not include keywords within these campaigns as they are driven by your shopping feed not keywords.
•    Do include a promotional message that will be placed below the image and pricing information. See how to implement below: